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Our company provides a unique streaming service for ministries and teaching organizations that distribute their content via DVD. We provide turn-key production and stream services that save our clients up to 80% and also make international distribution possible and streamlined.


We take your existing DVD and convert it to an online presentation that can be streamed anywhere there is an internet connection. The finished presentation looks like and operates identical to your existing DVD. Our system allows you to operate your content just like it would on a TV or a computer DVD Player.

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We eliminate the mailing and production expense and make it easy for you to distribute your content to any country in the World.  We have combined the familiarity of a DVD with the ease of internet streaming to allow your viewers to experience your content in a user-friendly fashion.

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Our streaming system is designed to be utilized and shared in a group setting just as you would a DVD.

For larger venues, such as a church sanctuary, this system proves to be easily incorporated into most sound and projection systems. Plus, their is controllable security in place so that your content cannot be easily shared without specific permissions.


The Results Streaming Solutions System is innovative and on the leading edge of Cloud Technology.  Our clients are provided with an invigorating way to enhance their outreach mission and strategy.  Their existing followers will love the ease of use and the ability to present their outreach content to their family and friends simply and effectively on their electronic devices.

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