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When a client decides to use Results Streaming Solutions to convert their teaching or training DVDs to Live Streaming, our firm provides a turn-key service to take each DVD and convert the video and graphic art into a user friendly cloud based product. Each DVD Title will then be in the clients Creative Library where their customers, students or followers (Users) can access this content Worldwide from any high speed internet connection.

When a user is authorized to have access to a clients products by title, Our firm will register the user through our user interface at www.DVDStreaming.com and provide the user access with a secure login and password system where they can view each title at their leisure. 

User Dashboard Will Include:

     1. A search engine tool to easily locate video and audio creatives by title, topic or author 

     2. 24/7 Unlimited No Cost Access to each approved title

     3. User of high performance audio and video live stream players (no software needed)

     4. Viewing Capability from all common digital devices with Secure Access

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