Enjoy a full library of services that make it easy for you to quickly convert your content to a user friendly system.

Audio Streaming - Storage

We will convert your audio messages or music and make it available to your chosen targeted listeners instead of just a public Internet audience. As a client, from your Dash Board, you control how and when this content is distributed and listened to for just pennies per listener.

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Creative - Editing Services

Our company has a team of creative graphic and production specialists available that help you enhance existing projects or help you to produce new ones, quickly and cost effectively. Our film, video and editing professionals will excite and encourage you along the whole production process. 

We understand that what you share is relevant, creative and many times anointed.  That is why we want to partner with you to deliver the very best content, exactly the way you want and need it be.

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DVD Streaming & Storage

DVD Streaming and Storage is the core to our business. This new technology will save you up to 80% of your existing cost to get your content to the viewer. We safely store and protect your content on Amazon S3 Servers and Google Platforms with world wide redundancy. Your original creatives are returned to you so that you're never in jeopardy of losing your content and our team will be working around the clock to prevent any system failures or down time. Sample of DVD Streaming.

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E Book Distribution

Many of our clients have printed companion material that they like to send out with a DVD. This service is designed to make your whole delivery system digital. We take your printed material and convert it to an E-Books format that is playable on most popular readers. This way your customer can read them from a device or print them off to use in a paper format.

This service is also available to those that just want to distribute printed material that does not have a DVD included in the teaching.

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Live Event Streaming

Results Streaming Solutions can provide hassle-free streaming of your live events.  Easily broadcast speakers, teachings, or large group events to individuals and groups all around the World. Experience No-Wait Capture that can reach electronic devices instantly.

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Marketing Services

For those organizations that would like assistance in reaching a larger or even off-shore audience, we can provide digital marketing via Email, Google, Facebook and all Social Media Platforms. We can help expand the reach and energize the strategy of your material through TV, Radio, and other conventional methods …

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